The SFDC Litter Check

I often ask myself, “When was the last time I cleaned this litter box?” We have three cats in our house. We give them each their own box, and the boxes are spread out on every floor. It is a lot to keep track of, and if a box is not in part of the

For the love of #DeploymentFish

Summer ’14 brought us a new Deployment Status page that gave us a real-time monitoring tool on what happens during a change set deployment. It allowed us to somewhat estimate how long the deployment will take, and it also allows us to cancel the deployment if it encounters an error early on. But in my

Dreamforce 2014 Session – From Admin to Developer

I unexpectedly spoke at Dreamforce last October. My colleagues at CRM Science had submitted a number of sessions over the summer, and a handful of them were accepted. In order to give all the members of our team an equal chance to speak, we shuffled around our resources. I ended up with the “From Admin

My Favorite Data Structure – The Map of Lists

Last week, I wrote about Big O Notation in Apex and how having a O(n) was a perfectly acceptable solution for any Apex problem. However, trying to avoid having to go through nested for loops is often a tricky proposition when you have to process so much data in a single SOQL query. Probably much

Dealing with Big O in Apex

Big O notation is probably the bane of many Computer Science undergrads’ existence. It most certainly was one of mine back in my college days. When you are young and learning programming for the first time, why would you want to waste your time on boring lectures learning about algorithm theories and optimization? When you